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California Area School District Foundation Grant Opportunities 

(Sponsored by the CASD Foundation and the Class of 76)

The California Area School District Foundation is pleased to announce a change to our “mini-grant” program – ROLLING GRANTS. Apply anytime the inspiration or need arises. Our 2019-2020 budget has been increased to $2,000.00 in total awards throughout the school year. Priority will be given to proposals that enhance the learning experience for students through creativity and innovation, targets a sizeable number of students, is not a one-off project but has a long-term impact or can be used to leverage funding from additional sources.

The objective is to encourage and support teachers who have ideas for creative use of curriculum that will provide enhanced learning experiences for students. The grants are not exclusively for new projects but also to supplement ongoing activities. These grants may enable the purchase and/or replacement of resources within the classroom or for activities outside of the classroom. The grants are intended to support projects not provided for within school budgets or through other means.

- Download Application HERE

Application Guidelines (All applications evaluated on a first-come basis.  

1. Individual grant maximum of $250. Group grant maximum of $1000.

2. Grants will be for necessary materials, needed supplies, equipment purchase or repair, and applied technology. No funds may be used for salaries or wages.

3. Attach additional supporting documentation with email if necessary.

4. Acquire Principal's approval and signature.

5. Email completed application (2 pages) to Jon Difilippo ( Room

110, High School. Jon will forward to Foundation grant committee members.

6. Report on expenditure of funds and status of activity at the end of the school year. Email

to ( Photos and publicity are also welcomed and encouraged.