2014 Scholarship Recipients

California Area School District Foundation Scholarship

Kevin Gergely


Catherine Kulak DeAntonio Memorial Scholarship

Lacey M. Koster


The Natalie J. Kulak Memorial Scholarship

Kirstan Webb


California Area School District Foundation Career and Technical Scholarship

Samantha Caster                               


Colonel Drew A. Bryner, US Army, Memorial Scholarship

Mitchell A. Niccolai


Richard M. and Barbara M. Webb Scholarship

Joshua Luko


The Carolyn King Kash Memorial Scholarship

Lacey M. Koster


Lori Confer Martin Creative/Performing Scholarship (Norma's Legacy)

Lacey M. Koster


California Community High School Class of 1964 Career and Technical Scholarship

Matthew Pepper


The Andy M. Bryner Memorial Scholarship

Lucas Trent Tranchita


The MacFann Family Scholarship

Michael Luketich 


The Friends of the Foundation Scholarship

Tyler Phillips


The Masonic Lodge #461, California, PA Scholarship

Ryan Tirpak


The Richard Niccolai Foundation Scholarship- (Male & Female)

Eilish K. Miller

Cory Adams


The BCR Lions Club Scholarship

Eilish K. Miller


The Richard Constantine Memorial Scholarship

Michael Luketich


The Darrell Dobas Memorial Scholarship

 Eilish K. Miller 

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